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Olde Heights Bistro

The dark-tinted storefront glass gives no evidence of life. Is the place closed or open? The map on my smartphone shows the location on 4703 Nebraska Avenue as open. My friend, who decided to go on this adventure with me, is having second thoughts, but I assure it is only 3 pm on a Tuesday (secretly concerned that we have to look for another place to grab lunch). As we open the door, we are pleasantly surprised to a chic interior, a gallery of paintings on the wall, and a warm welcome. The tinted glass, although mysterious on the outside, makes the interior extremely cozy. My friend is still a little skeptical and wondering how in the world I found this place.

On our first visit, we each ordered a small Buffalo Chicken Hoagie, and each of us tried the soups available, Miso and Gumbo. It was all SO good, and we were not prepared for the size of the sandwiches - making mental notes for next time. My skeptical friend was sold on our new lunch spot. We commented to our waiter how happy we …

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