Seminole Heights Neighborhood

Why Seminole Heights? It is a historic neighborhood nestled in the heart of Tampa. Those stately old bungalows that you see being maintained and restored date back to the early 1900s. Some of these homes are included in the United States National Register and the local Tampa Historic District ensuring their preservation for generations to come. While we take great pride in our history, our present and future are also of paramount importance to us. The neighborhood continues to grow and attract new residents of all ages and diverse cultural backgrounds. However, it strives to retain a warm, friendly caring atmosphere not seen in many communities today.

We're not talking about subdivisions with cookie-cutter houses and strip malls. Each structure has a unique character, which adds to the dining experience. From established diners to the trendiest eateries, Seminole Heights has something for everyone with many of the restaurants leading the up and coming Tampa gastropubs scene. Imagine living within walking distance to your neighborhood restaurant that buys ingredients from local Florida suppliers. It doesn't get any fresher than that! We hope you enjoy our epicurean adventures as much as we do.


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