About Us

There is nothing like discovering a new place to eat and hang out with friends! We are kindred spirits exploring Seminole Heights for good food and places with a great atmosphere. The group was founded by Zaida Darley (pre-Dr. Z, editor), Ivan Castillo (Vampirologist), Jim Pruitt (Mind Painter), and Sid (the Dog) in April 2017 as an excuse to eat, drink and be merry with friends. Seminole Heights is a great place to meet someone from almost any part of Tampa, and even more convenient if you live here. This neighborhood has a surprising amount of places to visit and we are going to see how many we can cover without repeating. Yet, we noticed that new locations get a lot of press (for a while) and some well-established restaurants may be overlooked.   

Eating local is important to us, which is why our slogan is, "Eat, Like Your Food, Live Here." We hope you enjoy reviews of popular eateries and some hidden gems in Seminole Heights that you will want to experience for yourself. We are planning a Supper Club once a month to meet new people. We hope you can join us! Also, we welcome feedback and contributions from the community.

Thanks to Castillo Group | KW Realty for sponsoring this blog.

Friends enjoying beers, wine, tacos, and cigars at the Independent Bar and Cafe


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